NUT Yangon 2015

Den 4–6 maj 2015 genomfördes ett tredagars seminarium i Yangon på temat urban utveckling och medborgardialog. I november samma år gjordes ett återbesök för att presentera den rapport som tagits fram. Läs mer på engelska nedan.

Yangon is in a state of flux with incredible futures and paths open to it. As the economic and cultural capital with 35% of all urban dwellers of Myanmar it is expanding rapidly as new migrants, capital, and ideas flow into, through, and around the city. While much is yet to be decided, the city’s inhabitants have decisions to make with generational impacts. “What type of city do we want and how can we get it?”

New Urban Topologies was a three-day seminar held in Yangon May 4-6, 2015. The seminar facilitated the free exchange of creative ideas and innovative approaches to the future of urban development in Yangon and further explored the issues of public participation and communication between all stakeholders in the urban planning process. Designed to be part of a process in Myanmar and globally, the seminar and follow-up aims to perform ‘democratic acupuncture’ on the bodies of the city – its body politic, planning organs, physical infrastruktur, public spaces, and transport networks.

For further reading download a report from seminars here.

The short movie gives you an overview of the NUT project in Yangon.