Open Studio – The creative process in focus

Färgfabriken’s Open Studio helps to give exposure to creative thinking at a time when it’s still in flux, by inviting various fascinating creators to take over a project space for a short period of time.

As a centre for the arts, we have an interminable interest in the creative process – what does it offer us? How does it come about? How do we capture it? How do we shape it? What should we reject? We want these cursory processes to encounter an audience – their audience.

In the autumn of 2017, we began exploring different ways of giving exposure to creative thinking and creative processes before they adopt their final form, while also bringing creators and audiences closer together. In collaboration with the art and design group Very Very Gold, Färgfabriken’s first Open Studio was launched. Our visitors could familiarise themselves with Very Very Gold’s arsenal of ideas, which were then shaped and reshaped, located, and dislocated in order to gradually shift into new and evolving ideas.

Photo: Very Very Gold in the Open Studio 2017


Jenny Berntsson and Jelena

25 January 17 March

Open Studio Lövholmen

15 October 2022 27 November 2022


30 April 2022 19 June 2022

Symbiosis Erotics

21 October 2021 28 November 2021

Flat Octopus

18 September 2021 17 October 2021

Marvels & Catastrophes

25 May 2021 6 June 2021

Åsa Cederqvist

13 February 2020 15 March 2020


21 November 2019 24 November 2019

This Shared Circle

7 September 2019 10 November 2019

Marvels & Catastrophes

23 May 2019 2 June 2019


28 March 2018 6 April 2018

Very Very Gold

12 October 2017 19 November 2017


Karin Englund