Very Very Gold – Working between the fields of experience, technology, art, product and material studies

12 October 2017 19 November 2017

Open Studio
Project rooms, Färgfabriken

Artists: Michel Bussien, Farvash Razavi and Nandi Nobell

During 2017 Färgfabriken will be enriched by a creative residency cooperation with art/design trio Very Very Gold. The group occupies one of our project rooms, where they will work on their own projects and exhibitions, but also contribute to Färgfabriken’s ongoing work.

Very Very Gold works in the border between experience, technology, art, product and material studies. The meeting between science, fiction, design and art is a natural part of their work. System design and the exploration of production techniques is of great interest to all three of them. The group does not have a set direction and does not follow a manifest – even if a critical examination of the contemporary with inspiration from visions of the future is recurring. In most cases, Michel Bussien, Farvash Razavi and Nandi Nobell individually create their works, products and assignments, but never without refining each other’s work – through shared perspectives, analysis, references and innovation.

The project room at Färgfabriken becomes a magical display cabinet – through the presentation of a process mixed with finished artefacts and works of art, the live-in exhibition becomes a thinker for Very Very Gold’s members and for Färgfabriken’s visitors.