Symbiosis Erotics – DACE in Open Studio

21 October 2021 28 November 2021

Open studio
Projectrooms, Färgfabriken

Rickard Borgström och Rebecca Chentinell (DACE) guest Färgfabrikens Open Studio in conjunction with the exhibition Symbiosis. Together with the invited artists Zheng Bo och Geumhyung Jeong they examine the border land in between curatorial and choreographic practice under the titel Symbiosis Erotics.

Rickard Borgström and Rebecca Chentinell, have initiated a new platform, DACE – Dance Art Critical Ecology, for curatorial and choreographic explorations of what post-human dance can be, informed by post-anthropocentric worldviews. By inviting artists that in different ways works with the body as an interface to our surroundings, we get a closer look at the consequences that the rapid technological, environmental and political changes have for our actions, thinking and artistic practice.

Dace work with a multitude of bodily practices and the performative dimension as a possible method to both comprehend and produce more complexity around the conditions of our intertwined world, where we experiment with varied ecologies and shifting forms of co-existence as well as rewritings of dance, choreography and visual art, as art forms and contexts. In the mirrored project rooms at Färgfabriken they present two international artists who uses body and queer methods to create transgressive relationships that both shift and expand our understanding of a more-than-human ecology and the dynamics of interdependence. The works unfold in an interwoven and transformative performance and exhibition format, through various techniques, materialities, media and time, which seeks intersectional crossbreeds of ideas and conventions in relation to both visual and performing arts, as well as other knowledge domains.

About the invited artist

Zheng Bo (b. 1974, Beijing, lives and works on Lantau Island, Hong Kong)
Zheng is committed to more-than-human vibrancy; he investigates the past and imagines the future from the perspectives of marginalized communities and marginalized plants. He creates weedy gardens, living slogans, eco-queer films, and wanwu workshops to cultivate ecological wisdom beyond the Anthropocene extinction.During Symbiosis – Erotics Zheng examines intimacy between human and tree through an eco-queer-sexual dance method together with five dancers, conditioned in a Nordic ecology and context. The sexuality and agency of humans as well as trees are exercised as dance-scores, where both humans and trees are considered dancers (although trees may dance very slowly), where they rely on their bodies and movements for interaction, charged with desire, lust, erotic and ethics.

ZhengBo CourtesyTheArtist
Portrait of Zheng Bo, courtesy the artist

Geumhyung Jeong
(b. 1980, Seoul, lives and works in Seoul, South Korea).
The sculptures, installations, video works and dance performances by Geumhyung Jeong are at once as tender as dire. Her work can be described as studies of technological animism, by adapting various objects; from medical equipment, domestic technology to DIY-robotic, with which she intra-acts in idiosyncratic dance performances.

At Färgfabriken Jeong re-examine and re-arrange her works of animation, video, sculpture and performance, in an ever-shifting exhibition-program over four weeks, where the core of her practice is being introduced, namely her exploration of the relentless intertwining of our living body with the contemporary technosphere. The physical intra-action between her body and the objects creates an ambiguity about who controls who, about the boundaries between desire and control, man and machine, animated and lifeless, care and subjugation.

GeumhyungJeong UnderMaintenance 2021 still from the video filmed byCarolinRockelein
Geumhyung Jeong, Under Maintenance, 2021, still from the video, filmed by Carolin Röckelein

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