Open Studio Lövholmen Gerda Persson

15 October 2022 27 November 2022

Open studio
Projectroom 2, Färgfabriken

Gerda Persson has been interested in the place Lövholmen for a long time. It started with her immersing herself in the Spredfabriken building, one of Färgfabriken’s neighboring buildings on Lövholmen, which was demolished in 2019. She compiled the history of the building and created a souvenir from a place not considered valuable enough to preserve. Appreciating the place and its history has run like a red thread through her work ever since.

During the Covid pandemic, Gerda took her work outdoors and created “the Gröndal gardens historical museum”. It was a model of Lövholmen that changed every day displayed in a pallet collar in Gröndal’s urban farm. One day in the model corresponded to ten years in reality. The small museum was constantly available to visitors at a time when many real museums were closed. The framing as a museum highlighted the historical value of the buildings and broke with the typical way of showing a dilapidated industrial area awaiting demolition.

During Open Studio Lövholmen, Gerda now continues to develop different ways of depicting and mapping the place by playing with different scales and time perspectives. The room becomes a map where you can recognize things or discover something new.

Mass is moved around through human activity, but other processes take place at the same time at different paces. Weathering or growing minerals and organic materials replace each other. Buildings and streets are shaped by people, but also flora and fauna, which will be giveen more space in the autumn’s project.

– Gerda Persson

About the architect

Gerda Persson has been an architect since 2014, educated at KTH and soon to be a gardener with a degree from Enköping University of Applied Sciences in 2022. Together with Bo Pilo, she runs Persson Pilo Arkitektkontor. Gerda Persson is also a part of the artist group Marvels & Catastrophes, where she has contributed with different projects that explore Lövholmen and its history.

Färgfabriken’s ongoing project Open Studio was launched 2017 in collaboration with the art and design group Very Very Gold. Open studio is a way of giving exposure to creative thinking and creative processes before they adopt their final form, while also bringing creators and audiences closer together.


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