This Shared Circle – A process-based exhibition with Pedro Neda within Open Studio

7 September 2019 10 November 2019

Open Studio
Project rooms, Färgfabriken

During the autumn of 2019 Pedro Neda has been invited to work with the process-based exhibition This Shared Circle, within the concept of Färgfabrikens ongoing project Open Studio.

This Shared Circle is a spontaneous exploration of possibilities, where a given group of art works will be arranged to interact with each other and create different narratives through different configurations. Neda will present a series of installations where a group of objects will be displayed in different orders to find esthetic and conceptual values to each given interaction. 

In times, the space will turn into a studio situation where Neda will be making sculptures out of clay and paint, and in other moments turned into a gallery space where his creations will be displayed in a clean and ethereal environment. 

semilla 6 960x640x72

Semilia 6, Pedro Neda. Photo: Amanda Linden

About the artist

Pedro Neda (b.1981, Santiago, Chile) is a self-educated artist based in Helsinki, Finland. He has participated in a number of shows including the twelfth Biennale de Artes Mediales BAM12 at MNBA (National Museum of Fine Arts) in Santiago.

Neda works across a wide range of media, from self-dug clays and electric fired porcelains to resins, paint, found objects, analogue projections, music, and video. 

IMG 4704
Installation view This shared Circle, Pedro Neda, Open Studio at Färgfabriken 2019. Photo: Pedro Neda

Färgfabriken’s ongoing project Open Studio was launched 2017 in collaboration with the art and design group Very Very Gold. Open studio is a way of giving exposure to creative thinking and creative processes before they adopt their final form, while also bringing creators and audiences closer together.