2-5th October – Jean Gardner, (urban ecologist, New York)
– Public talk, 4th October, 2pm.

12-14th October – David Fischer (photographer, Berlin)

16-18th October – Ulrich Schurr (biologist, Jülich)
– Public talk, 18th October, 11.30 am.

19-20th October – Behzad Khosravi (artist, Tehran/Stockholm)
– Vernissage Tuesday 20th October, 5 to 7.30 pm.

Alexandra Hopf & Rick Buckley (artists, Berlin)

24-25th October – Jörg Koopmann (photographer/curator, München) & Lene Harbo (producer, Copenhagen)
– Lunch event, 25th October, 1pm with Katarina Bonnevier, Jörg Koopmann and Luis Berríos-Negrón (artist) at the Earthscore Specularium.

25-26th October – Katarina Bonnevier (architect, Stockholm)
– Lunch event, 25th October, 1pm with Katarina Bonnevier, Jörg Koopmann and Luis Berríos-Negrón (artist) at the Earthscore Specularium.

27-29th October – Julie Harboe (art historian, Zürich)
– Lunch session discussion 29th October, 12pm with Julie Harboe and Luis Berríos-Negrón (artist) at the Earthscore Specularium. Read more here.

31-1st November – Maria Lantz (artist/photographer, Stockholm)
– Oct 1st at 3 pm-4pm. Maria Lantz will screen her film Moon Bracelet, followed by a short discussion. Read more here.

2nd – 3rd November – Hanna Husberg (artist, Stockholm)
– Vernissage for The World Indoors 3rd November at 5 to 7 pm at the Earthscore Specularium

5-6th November – Håkan Nilson (art critic, Stockholm)

7-8th November – Hélène Frichot (architect/theorist, Stockholm)
– Public talk with Hélène Frichot and Jonathan Metzger 8th November, 2pm at the Earthscore Specularium

9-11th November – Florian Dombois (artist, Zürich/Bern)
– Public talk Luis Berríos-Negrón and Florian Dombois in conversation 10th November, 5:30pm at the Earthscore Specularium

11-12th November – Gehard Eckel (artist, Vienna/Stockholm)

13-15th November – Michael Obert (author/journalist/director, Berlin) & Daniela Grittner (actor, Berlin) 
– Song from the Forest film screening premiere and Q&A, 13th November, 7pm

16-17th November – Maja Frögård (designer/artist, Stockholm)
– Vernissage with Maja Frögård 17th November at 5 to 7 pm at the Earthscore Specularium

17-19th November – Andreas Gehrke, aka Noshe (photographer, Berlin)

20-22nd November – Eva Wilson (curator, Berlin) & Adam Gibbons (artist, London) 
– Public presentation, Sunday 22nd November 2pm at the Earthscore Specularium

Adam Gibbons is an artist based in London and Eva Wilson is a curator and writer based in Berlin. During their time as guests at Earthscore Specularium during the weekend of November 21st and 22nd they will collect and discuss the world of hyper: (including but not limited to) hypercubes, hypercolor, hyperspace, and hyperstition.

24-26th November – Michael Marten (urbanist, Berlin) & Camila Preve (architect, Florianópolis)

27-29th November – Adam Bergholm & Coco with Rita (artists, Berlin/Stockholm)