Irene Stracuzzi designer

Irene Stracuzzi (b. 1992, Italy) is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam and teaches in the master departments at Design Academy Eindhoven. Specialising in graphic design, art direction and information design, she works independently as well as collaboratively for clients in the fields of art and culture. Her research practice aims at translating complex findings into accessible visual formats, reflecting on the role of design as a critical tool to share knowledge.

Who are you?

I am a graphic and information designer fascinated by cartography. Through historical, scientific and technological research processes, I investigate how maps shape the perception of reality, exposing the unacknowledged influence of their makers. In particular, my current interest is in the climate crisis, due to the misinformation and lack of understanding of the general public when confronted with conflicting theories, politicised legislation, isolated data points and anecdotal experience. My ambition as a designer is to facilitate the understanding of such complexity through accessible visual formats, and to turn design research and mapping practices into frameworks for mobilisation.

What are your spontaneous thoughts about “symbiotic thinking”?

I interpreted ‘symbiotic thinking’ as a metaphor for collective action towards a common goal. In my understanding of it, thinking could be symbiotic if the different thoughts complement each other in terms of knowledge, experience or viewpoint. I like the concept of ‘symbiosis’ because it involves the idea of plurality and mutual benefit.