Art, architecture and science a selction by Björn Norberg

Art, architecture & scienc in symbiosis

What will future urban development look like? Artists, architects and researchers can provide us with new inspiration and help to answer this question. The various projects presented here all draw from both past examples and the latest achievements within current research in order to generate discussions surrounding urban development in relation to ecology and sustainability. Through art, architecture and science, we search for solutions to individual problems as well as inspiration for large-scale ideas that can lead to a change in the system and alternative ways of life.
This part of the exhibition contains visions that borrow ideas from science fiction and that occasionally verge on dystopian in nature. However, the examples simultaneously reject the utopia that has pushed us towards dystopia, the Modern Project and its consequences. It is a deliberate movement away from the major development projects that came about as part of industrialisation, away from the extensive programmes that have consumed natural resources at a rapid pace and created segregation and disparities to the benefit of humanity.
Is a future of ecological collapse already set in stone, or is there another way to build and plan cities so that resources, land and power are shared? Time does not stand still. Just as society, urban development and culture do not stop evolving as we continue on our journey on planet Earth, somewhere in an endless universe.

Björn Norberg is a freelance curator who has often worked at the intersection of art, architecture and societal issues. He has made a selection of intriguing examples and prototypes that in various ways relate to urban development, based on both history and ideas about the future. He also wrote a text for the exhibition folder. More results form this collaboration can be found here.


Love Enqvist, artist, shows parts of the project Diggers and Dreamers.

Jonas Runberger, architect, participates with prototypes for the Interstitial Towers.

Pablo Miranda, Architecture Researcher, with the computer program Regex: [01] {20}.

The ZONE, an interdisciplinary art and research group composed of artists Bronwyn Lace and Marcus Neustetter, curator Basak Senova and philosopher and biologist Johannes Jaeger, participates with the Game Zone.

The Arkitektur journal, marks its 120 years as a magazine through the concept “A house for seeing into the future”.