Gülbeden Kulbay artist

Gülbeden Kulbay expresses her work through performance and community art. As an international artist, she works with the theme Humanity where she produces body-based performances. The works invite the spectator to see new perspectives on what it can mean to be human in a capitalist society. She also works with educational work and with consultations for artists in artistic processes. By leading workshops for young and adults in the methods of performance art, she wants to encourage participants to encourage awareness between mind, body and soul with the aim of preserving reason, physical intelligence and strength.

Who are you?

I am a Turkish woman, mother and artist

I love humans and their brilliance

I get angry at oppression and inequality

I live in everything between these points

In motion

In the line

In the lying eight

What are your spontaneous thoughts about the concept of “symbiosis”?

I look forward to exploring and creating based on this artistic process that we are in together. Right now I think that the concept of Symbiosis is the symphony and harmony that results from the state that arises from our symbiotic being in the universe. I also think about the idea that we are not symbiotic right now, and that it this is the place we are constantly striving for. Our carrot. But maybe we are already there. In a symbiosis. It’s just that our senses have not caught up because of the hereditary survival strategy.


Picture: Open my heart, 2017, Venice, Italy.

Performance at the opening of the Symbiosis-exhibition