Bengt Håbro artist

Bengt Håbro was born in 1951, grew up in Stockholm, lives and works in Österlen in Skåne. He is educated at, among others, Gerlesborgsskolan and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. In his painting he is interested in form and volume, while his sculptures, often mobiles of various kinds, explore spatiality and movement through abstract rewritings of nature’s design language. Håbro’s sculptures have a strong vivid expression and a fragile lightness which contrast with their distinctive colors and the metal they are made of. He is inspired by water and by the forms you find in nature, but also by music. The sculptures can in many cases be said to be paraphrases of nature.

Tell us about your artistic practice.

My art is about visually translating the experiences and feelings that nature gives me. During many years as a painter, I have primarily been interested in form and volume. In recent times, movement and spaciousness have become increasingly important and my images have moved into three dimensional space in the form of sculptures and mobiles.

Do you have any spontaneous associations with the concept of symbiosis?

Cooperation, reciprocity, dependency, organic, living, together, inseparable.