Giles Thomson, BTH forskare

Giles Thomson is an urban planner and senior lecturer who researches and teaches about “regenerative urbanism”. A regenerative city is planned and built to improve and restore the natural systems from which it draws its resources. It has a symbiotic, mutually beneficial, relationship with its surrounding “hinterland”, not only by minimizing its environmental impact but by actively improving and regenerating the ecosystems on which it depends.

Thomson holds a Ph.D. in regenerative urbanism from Western Australia Curtin University in Australia. He is currently researching regenerative cities and regions in Sweden at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) at the Department of Strategic Sustainable Development. He is particularly interested in how different modes of transport and infrastructures affect urban morphology. Giles has previous experience from both industry and government, and has worked on urban renewal projects in the UK and Australia, most recently as a research leader for the South Australian Government’s integrated design strategy.

Within the Symbiosis collaboration, Giles Thomson works with Färgfabriken on ideas and content that deepen and exemplify what “regenerative cities and communities” could be. Parts of this can be be seen here.