Ulrika Walmark The person behind the person

17 april 2008 11 maj 2008


En fotoutställning med porträtt av människorna som står ett steg bakom makten, ett sökandet av hur världen fungerar.

History will define the age we live in right now as the age of icons. As the age of symbols for bigger movements, companies or trademarks. The icon or the face to the world is loaded with value, with stories, with symbolism and with beliefs. Icons and faces, which represent trademarks, are powerful well-choreographed symbols. These symbols are built to tell stories. Stories of trust, authority, integrity, creativity and power. Some of these are obvious some distinct but nobody is naive enough to blame only one man. All of these stories and symbols are very carefully orchestrated and thought through. More then thousands of persons build up some icons.

The project “The Person Behind the Person” is telling the story of how the world of today works. It’s an amazing and devoted hunt for the story about the people that stand behind our well-known power people. It’s a hunt to find them in their familiar surroundings. Without makeup, props or set up. It’s taken a long time to find them and convince them to briefly step out into the limelight. To step out of their role as the person behind the person and for a very brief moment stand and represent the symbol they help to maintain or choreograph.

“The Person Behind the Person” is not a photo exhibition, neither is it a search to come close to idols or power. It’s more the celebration of systems, the search to find out how our world works.