Film channel – Lövholmen

Here we gather the films which we’ve made about the area.

Perspective Lövholmen (swedish)

Lövholmen is an old industrial area directly adjacent to Stockholm’s inner city, which is now facing major changes. Since 1995, Färgfabriken has operated here, on premises from 1889. In the last decade, the industries have gradually moved out. The land to be exploited is owned by several private construction actors. According to a preliminary structural plan developed by the landowners, the area will be exploited with high density. Only a few of the historic industrial buildings are planned, according to the current preliminary structural plan, to be preserved. At the earliest at the end of 2020, a complete detailed plan is expected to be adopted.

Färgfabriken is in the middle of this urban development process, as the only current business that will remain in the finished new district. We want to give perspective and ask questions about the city that is planned and built. For whom are you planning? Are qualities and resources used?

The industrial district around the contemporary art space Färgfabriken is called Lövholmen. It is like a magnet, attracting all kinds of dreams; starting with the optimistic scenarios of the Industrial Revolution going all the way to contemporary artistic explorations of urban space. Today Lövholmen is facing radical changes. By David and Hi-Jin Hodge.
Old images of workers in the factory where Färgfabriken is now located.
What does the next generation think about Lövholmen?
KU Leuven in Belgium is one of several architecture schools that worked with Lövholmen as an example. Here you see a selection of the students’ visions of how to manage industrial architecture and artist studios in a new district with housing.