Lövholmen – What kind of future city would we like to see?

It is being demolished and decontaminated – what will come in its place?

Färgfabriken is located in the middle of it, the last remnant of a former industrial area called Lövholmen. In the area there is a large group active in various creative activities.

Great economic values are at stake, the builders want to demolish and build new. Färgfabriken and many others interested in urban planning want to proceed more cautiously and take advantage of several of the unique buildings and the layers of industrial history that give the area its special character. Färgfabriken therefore keeps an eye on the process through exhibitions, discussions and debates. In this section you can follow our work with the process.

A short background

Liljeholmen was Stockholm’s first industrial suburb. Lövholmen is today the last remnant of the old industrial landscape. Since 1995, Färgfabriken has operated here, on premises from 1889. In the last decade, the industries have gradually moved out. On 23,000 sqm, there are six different landowners. Planning for future exploitation and civil dialogue has begun. The area is on the surface declining, but it is also a fact that Lövholmen is a creative hub, with about 300 creators working in some of the old industrial premises. The place Lövholmen allows us to shed light on a number of issues that for Stockholm and many other cities in the world are central to the urban environments of the future. What is the significance of these worn areas? What do you do with places while waiting for exploitation, and how can they be kept open and alive even during the construction period? How do you take advantage of historic industrial environments as part of the site’s cultural heritage? What is the significance of old premises being taken over by creative forces during the transition periods – and what happens to these when the construction cranes are rolled in and the nice new condominiums are ready? Who are it planned and built for? Is there potential for Lövholmen to become something new or will it be conventional and similar to other things being built today? What could tomorrow’s multifaceted city life look like? How can Lövholmen play an important role in connecting and bridging mental and physical barriers in the city?

Exhibitions and past activites

Manifestation Lövholmen

20 August 2020 30 August 2020

Among Smokestacks and Construction Cranes

22 October 2019

The Lövholmen Archive

25 January 2018 15 April 2018

Experiment Lövholmen

26 May 2016


13 September 2007 14 October 2007


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