Lövholmen – The new Swedish model

13 September 2007 14 October 2007

Main hall, Färgfabriken

Färgfabriken continues the investigation for the city of the future.

The old Swedish model – folkhemmet – was world famous. The whole world came to Sweden to see how houses, homes and cities created work for all and social justice. That was then. Now is the time for a new model. A new model based on life, social needs, our growing environmental awareness and our way of working in the 21st century. At a time when the industrial society has been transformed into a creative knowledge society. A model that can direct an answer to the question of what we need to do today for the world to turn its eyes to us again. A model that is not an architectural proposal or a building proposal but an idea proposal. A proposal for a new way of thinking, building and relating to society, energy, the environment and existing structures.

Färgfabriken has for a number of years investigated the conditions for the city of the future, with successful projects such as: Stockholm at Large, Stockholm Turntable and Urban Turntable. And that based on Stockholm’s specific conditions. Through workshops, ideas, discussions, debates and books, we have gathered facts, visions and knowledge. We have now taken our experiences, thoughts and ideas and applied them to our own local environment, Lövholmen. It also happens to be the next urban development area in Stockholm. The proposal is not about building exactly as we show, but about starting a discussion. But for that, a concrete proposal is required. We have simply done as in the automotive industry. We have developed a concept car, but for a district. This is to specify what is needed for us to become creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, tolerant, diverse – and all those other beautiful things that are usually talked about. But never built a city for.

The old Swedish model was a successful recipe for solving the problems of that time. They tore, as Strindberg wrote, to get light and air. They demolished and built new. Demolished and built new. This led to the specialists’ era. A city where every thing ended up in its place. Rich for themselves, poor for themselves. Leisure for themselves, work for themselves. Now we need the opposite. A city that not only allows but also creates meetings. A city that promotes a new way of working. A city that develops and changes over time. A city that can show the outside world how to promote creativity. A city that not only calls itself sustainable – but really shows what is needed if we are to set a new standard for the environmental thinking of the future.

In our large hall, we show an idea model of the area in scale 1:25 and an overview of a larger part of the Liljeholmen area in scale 1: 1000. The exhibition hall will also show films with interviews, graphics and animations and much more. Schools and students are welcome to use the context for lectures, debates or other activities.