Garden – Beyond the Human Gaze

The relationship between man and garden goes way back in history. The garden can be considered a metaphor for the coexistence between man and nature, but can also be associated with man’s control over nature. In our time, the garden has also become a symbol of biodiversity. The wild garden no longer communicates disorder, but rather awareness of the non-human organisms and the intrinsic value of the garden beyond human interference. Since 2021, Färgfabriken investigates different aspects of the concept garden. The work takes shape in exhibitions and activities (lectures, film, workshops etc.), as well in various projects and collaborations with external partners. In focus is the garden beyond the human gaze.



26 August 2023 26 November 2023

Moulding Nature

26 August 2023 26 November 2023


27 April 2023 11 June 2023


Mistra Environmental Communication

Since 2021 Färgfabriken has been participating in the Mistra Environmental Communication research project led by SLU in Uppsala. The focus of the research program is to explore an inclusive understanding of environmental communication.


In 2023, Nationalmuseum and Färgfabriken will both open a garden-themed exhibition. It is therefore makes sense to continue our collaboration and offer visitors an opportunity to experience the garden in art from both a historical and contemporary perspective.

In Search for a Garden beyond the Human Gaze

A Nordic-Baltic perspective. Four art institutions around the Baltic Sea came together in 2023 to activate a dialogue and explore different ways of approaching climate change beyond the conventional image. The garden as a concept serves as a common vantage point for the discussions.


Karin Englund
Daniel Urey