Mistra Environmental Communication Refraiming communication for sustainability

Since 2021 Färgfabriken has been participating in the Mistra Environmental Communication research project led by SLU in Uppsala. The focus of the research program is to explore an inclusive understanding of environmental communication.

The programme addresses five major fields of environmental communication practice, including government-led dialogue, consumption, science and knowledge co-production, organisational networks in market contexts and arts and the media.

In the field of art and media, which is where Färgfabriken participates, we study how different discourses and worldviews compete with each other, sometimes even fighting each other, in order to become or remain the dominant perspective for how we interpret the world.

Färgfabriken’s activities

Färgfabriken initiates several co-creative activities based on two themes; the concept and idea of garden where different aesthetic preferences and interpretations of nature are in conflict with each other and an exploration of how nature is silenced and can be “silenced” from a Sami perspective. These activities take place at different locations in the country in collaboration with Skellefteå konsthall, Virserums konsthall, Gaaltje Saemien Museume in Östersund and Färgfabriken’s youth council.

In addition to the activities, Färgfabriken has the task within Mistra Eenvironmental Communication to summarize the research that deals with various environmental discourses by curating and showing an exhibition in our project rooms in the autumn of 2023. The content will be based on the participatory work processes and workshops that Färgfabriken organizes with partners in 2022. Insights and new ideas will be showcased in the exhibition designed by graphic designer and artist Irene Straccuzzi, combined with selected works of art that will serve as independent comments in connection to the work done by the researchers and workshop participants. Talks and workshops are also planned in connection to the exhibition.

A workshop with Färgfabriken’s youth council at the alotment gardens of Långholmen, Stockholm, in June 2022.


Read more about Mistra Environmental Communication on SLU’s website.


Mistra Environmental Communication draws on a transdisciplinary approach. It is led by SLU and includes 28 social partners involving researchers from a range of disciplinary back-grounds as well as non-academic partners representing crucial actors in wider society to harness existing thinking, co-develop new insights and approaches and translate these into communication practice. Färgfabriken is part of the focus area art and media. This focus area is led by Nico Carpentier at Charles University in Prague.


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