Co-creative activities

Färgfabriken has the task within Mistra Environmental Communication to summarize the research that deals with various environmental discourses by curating and showing an exhibition in our project rooms in the autumn of 2023. A large part of the content will be based on the co-creative work processes and workshops that Färgfabriken organizes with partners in 2022 and 2023.

Workshops and inclusive work processes have been arranged in collaboration with Skellefteå Konsthall, Urkraft – a work-integrating social enterprise, Virserums Konsthall, Gaaltije – Saemien museume in Östersund, Färgfabriken’s Youth Council and a group of architects. Participants from different social contexts and parts of the country have worked on themes such as How can you “quiet” a “silent nature”?, Can you imagine a garden beyond human control? as well as How do rendered images of architecture affect our perception of the future? Results, insights and ideas from the activities are presented together with the researchers’ conclusions and selected works of art in the exhibition Molding Nature during the autumn of 2023. Talks and workshops are also planned for the exhibition.

A workshop with Färgfabriken’s youth council at the alotment gardens of Långholmen, Stockholm, in June 2022.