Reclaiming futures - science and arts festival

2 April 2022 2 April 2022

Reclaiming futures – storying change is a philosophy, science and culture program for young people, and others who are curious. A science festival with conversations, creative expressions, art and music to address issues about our environment, the climate and the future.

The program has been planned together with and by young people, and is aimed at youth and young adults, but anyone who is interested in meeting young people and researchers to reflect on these issues is of course welcome.

Through film, art, performances and in conversations we share thoughts and test ideas.

At the science festival, we take on the biggest of all societal challenges – to figure out how to coexist on a planet damaged by environmental problems and climate change, divisions of people and our various opportunities to influence the future of the world. Here, young people meet together with researchers and cultural organizations to jointly collaborate, shape and communicate different perspectives on the present and the futures that we can shape together.

The program has been designed in collaboration with Färgfabriken’s youth council and builds largely upon research and films made by class SA19B from Bromma Gymnasium and by the youth group Squid Squad. The content has emerged around young people’s own designs and issues about climate, the environment and the future.


  • Färgfabriken’s youth council
  • Squid Squad, a youth art and activist group connected to Art Lab
  • Bromma Gymnasium calss SA19B
  • Clutter! is a band.
  • Nina Dahlstrand, photographer
  • Cecilia Åsberg, professor and leadar of Posthumanities Hub, Linköping university
  • Carl Johan Erikson, artist, teacher and artistic researcher
  • Caroline Elgh, art curator and PhD student Gender studies at Linköping university
  • Jesse D. Peterson, postdoc researcher at SLU’s Department of Ecology in Uppsala
  • Lina Rahm, researcher and PhD in Education at KTH and Posthumanities Hub.
  • Marietta Radomska assistant professor and researcher at Linköping university and Posthumanities hub.
  • Erik Isberg Phd student at the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment since, KTH.
  • Janna Holmstedt, artist, part of The Posthumanities Hub and reseracher at the National HIstorical Museums.
  • Lotten Wiklund, science journalist and communications expert at Kajman Media.
  • Karin Wegsjö, director and documentary film maker.
  • Caroline Malmström, curator and one of the artistic directors for Art Lab Gnesta.

  • Moderator of the day is Daniel Urey, process leader at Färgfabriken.           

Project partners

The Post Humanities Hub – group of researchers

Färgfabriken – art space + Färgfabriken’s youth council

Kajman Media – science journalist and communicaiton

Karin Wegsjö Produktion – dokumentary film

Bromma gymnasium – students and teacher

Artlab Gnesta – meeting space for art and society, and host for Squid Squad art action group for youth

Statens historiska muséer

Linköpings university

KTH Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment

Reclaiming Futures, Storying Change is financed by Formas.

Read more abut the project Reclaiming Futures here.