27 short films about the future of Stockholm – the result from the crash-course and the prologue to Stockholm on the Move

In the end of august around 200 master students from KTH architecture school gathered at Färgfabriken to begin the work with Stockholm on the Move. The students we’re divided into 27 groups and each one of the groups produced a short film about the future of the Stockholm region.  

After days filled with seminars, workshops and debates, the students we’re assigned to approach specific issues, map out the Stockholm region, identify problems and propose solutions related to infrastrucutre. The students we’re divided into smaller groups and each group was allocated different geographical areas to study closer. By dividing the Stockholm region in 27 rectangles, without respect for municipal borders or natural boundaries, a possibility to think different regarding geography, settlement and infrastructure arose.  Each group we’re allocated one rectangle to explore. A small piece of the Stockholm puzzle. 

Each group also produced a short film on the basis of their research surrounding the specific area. You can watch the films here.