Symposium Stockholm – In search for the Baltic Dimensions

October 13, 2016

In this programme, Färgfabriken search for the Baltic Dimensions*, intertwining opposite and shared perspectives in a brand new Baltic network. We identify our common grounds and launch our joint manifesto as visionary strategy, paving the way for forward-looking methods and future tangible actions. Through the looking-glass we spot a Baltic network enabling cross sectorial dialogues and participation through an active role of cultural institutions. We see cultural strategies to weave into the Baltic present, altering the fabric of the future.

In order to talk about the Baltic region we need to go beyond the security discourse that strongly defines the way we talk about the region. In Search for the Baltic Dimensions is a Färgfabriken symposium with the goal of complementing and connecting different approaches of knowledge, thus generating the dimensions of the Baltic. Keen to map out fractions and common understandings, we have identified four topics to shape and stress a conversation. These themes are Water, Identity, City and Propaganda. We are aware that these topics through centuries have been shaping the Baltic region, but how does the Baltic appear if we use a kaleidoscopic perspective intertwining them?

Is it possible to talk about water in various dimensions? What if water is regarded as cultural heritage and thus as a source of identity? What happens when the urban environment is used to fight or to promote the political propaganda that overwhelms the region, especially in countries like Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania? Are there any mental borders between the Nordic and Baltic countries and is it possible to overcome them? Is it possible that Sweden is alone in the region to still embrace a multi-cultural society? What if the Baltic countries after all only functions as geopolitical border between the EU and Russia, is the European Union Baltic Sea Strategy relevant then?

The In Search for the Baltic Dimensions-session at Färgfabriken is taking place on the 13th of October 2016. In order to provide a foundation of facts and experience we’ll have presentations on Propaganda and the City, Inclusive Urban Design, Water as Heritage as well as Identity and the Baltic region. In between the presentations participants are expected to stress ways of engaging with the chosen thematics.

This event is executed in order to expand perceptions on the Baltic Sea region, to develop the growing network and to shape a future Baltic Dimensions project based on the outcomes from this symposium.

* In the fall of 2013 six cultural institutions in the Baltic Sea Region focusing on art, citizen’s participation and urban planning initiated a partnership. This Baltic Network formulated a joint strategy to develop, strengthen and cherish a cross-national collaboration aimed to promote democracy and to enrich the dialogue in the present urbanization processes throughout the region.