Silent Walk at Lövholmen – a movement-based artwork by Räserbyrån

8 April 2022, 9 April 2022

Silent Walk (Tyst vandring) is a production by the non-profit association Räserbyrån. It is a movement-based artwork that moves in the landscape, on the border between city and nature. During the walks, we move in groups in silence to sharpen our minds and gain new perspectives. We take a seat in public space and explore places together. We follow some basic ideas that form the framework of the artwork; we don’t talk to each other when Silent Walk has started, we pay attention to each other and support the initiatives that come up, we try to stick together as a group and learn from each other.

Lövholmen, with its history of industry and craftsmanship, is facing major changes. Its location near Stockholm’s inner city with proximity to both water and nature creates interesting opportunities for the future. The site has been researched for decades by countless students and courses from various disciplines, antiquarian reviews, sketched structure plans and so on.

Silent Walk gives us a different perspective, an opportunity to rediscover the place that complements and perhaps finds new connections, which starts from the human being and our presence as bodies in the physical space. The initiators of Silent Walk (Tyst vandring) are Katarina Eriksson, Ingo Reulecke and Per Sacklén, dancers/choreographers with experience from various disciplines of art such as performing arts, site-specific investigations, improvisation, and experimental collaborations between different art forms. They have also worked with community dance and as teachers of movement practices both for professional dancers and amateurs.

Silent Walkt is part of the program of the Kvadrennalen, a national initiative that aims to highlight the role of art in a free society, and the necessity of a free cultural life. Read more about Kvadrennalen here!

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