Kvadrennalen – Temporary head office at Färgfabriken

3 March 2022 27 March 2022

Projektrummen, Färgfabriken

Drop in during opening hours or by appointment with forenade@kvadrennalen.se.

Färgfabriken has invited Kvadrennalen to establish a temporary head office in our project rooms. Kvadrennalen will adress matters of artistic freedom during the election year 2022.

Kvadrennalen (The quadrennial) serves as a platform for adressing important issues about the role of art in a democratic society. It is a coming together of of artists, art workers, art spaces, art institutions, et. al. The quadrennial is not affiliated with any political or religious institution or system. During the election year 2022, the quadrennial wants to inspire, give input for discussion and work as as a network to gather activities arranged by different actors acrosos the country.

“When the free arts and the freedom of artistic expression are under threat, then the freedom of expression of the people is under threat”.

Färgfabriken has invited Kvadrennalen to establish a temporary head office in our project rooms. Kvadrennalen is a decentralised movement and is not affiliated with a certain place or space. The idea behind this temporary head office is to test ideas and formulate strategies, projects, etc. to show that art and other cultural expressions need to be seen and heard during an election year.

Between March 3 and 27, a “Rhetorics Cabinet” is created the temporary headquarters – an open program for all, with workshops, lectures, video screenings, performances and art to highlight the importance of independent art and culture during the election year 2022.

Program activities

Sunday, March the 13th
Performance: VOICES: From the inside to here
At 13:00-14:00

‘VOICES’ is an experimental collaboration between Maria Nordsø Lundberg and Andrea Diaz. Both of them work with sounds, both of them are interested in exploring the boundaries of their practices, the overlapping spaces where one landscape meets the other. In the process of intense listening a new unexpected world might emerge. For this performance, nothing is planned. It could be a chance to conflate two artistic practices into one unique voice. 

The performance coincides with the vernissage of Flat Octopus’ Exhibition Case at Färgfabriken shop where Flat Octopus presents ‘Memory’ by Maria Nordsø Lundberg in. Curated by Juanma González.

Maria Nordsø Lundberg is a Swedish/Danish sculptor, sound artist and singer, educated at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole in Denmark, China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China, and two post-graduate projects at Royal Institute of Fine Arts, Stockholm. Her main fields are recordings, voice improvisations in parallel with sculptural formations in glass, hard wood and stone, and she often works in collaborations. Her work has been shown around the world, namely: X-Déconfit, Nice (France, 2020), International Biennale of Glass in Sofia (Bulgaria, 2017) or Museum of New Art, Pärnu (Estonia, 2015).

Andrea Diaz is a Peruvian artist based in Stockholm. Currently she is studying a Master program at DOCH, where she explores the boundaries of sound art from her circus and dance background. She has a deep love for physical theater practices. The research that she is conducting is a set made out of sounds, movement and places that listen and are listened to.

Friday, March the 4th
Talk: Conny Blom / CAC
At 14:00-15:30 (swedish)
Brilliant apples, human capital and vertical solidarity – to navigate an increasingly neoliberal art world. Based on his own, and his partner Nina Slejko Blom’s artistry, Conny Blom discusses social and economic hierarchies in the art world and exemplifies with works from their practices and joint projects.

Saturday, March the 5th
Public intervention conversation and workshop: PETER
At 13:00-14:30 (english)
How does a public space take shape and what activities maintain or deny it to be understood and experienced as such?

Saturday, March the 5th
Performacne: Blank, PETER
At 14:45-16:00 (english)
Blank is an exploration of how simple materials and instructions can cause a complex and boundless creative play and spark activity, from dancing to listening.

In addition to the scheduled activities a video program is screened continoulsy:

– Gamefields (video work, 3’32 ”), Noemi Sjöberg
While two girls cross different countries without problems, others risk their lives by trying to cross them. Lifes that politicians play with. The rise of the far right has entered the political game. A nightmare that you want to wake up from and let the children play in peace, in any country.

– Ella Tillema’s pamphlets 2009-2022 (30’32 ”), Ella Tillema

– Referral response (animation video, 14’17 ”), Sweden acrobats
The Swedish acrobats are a political party that is leading Sweden in the direction of the key. It is indiscriminate satire that is rooted in a disappointment over the political game.