Shared History

Merging contemporary European societies with the experiences of refugees, thus creating a window of opportunity for a shared history. How can ongoing historical events be interpreted and visualised? Can culture save Europe from its identity crisis? How can different experiences be linked to find new common stories? What happens when we break the chronological interpretation of history? Can the act of history making be made more inclusive?

Shared History is a cross-disciplinary project with the goal of critically connecting and artistically interpreting the different reactions on the refugee situation that are strongly affecting, shaping and dividing the European Union member states on a political and domestic level. With a Baltic scope, the project’s creative research process will approach issues such as policy making, judicial and geographical borders, statistics, identity, public opinion and post-truth information related to migration and integration in Sweden, Poland and Latvia.

This was investigated through artistic interpretations – created through intertwining established artist in Sweden, Poland and Latvia with artists who recently arrived as refugees – with the goal of investigating and visualizing how experiences of migration and integration are merged into a shared history.

Exhibitions and public programs were held in Stockholm, Riga and Gdansk in 2018. A final seminar took place in Belgrade. The project was also carried out in collaboration with researchers and writers.


There are a large number of EU-funded cultural projects that try to alleviate the political contrasts in today’s conflicting political landscape. By 2016, the EU announced funding for cultural projects that addressed the issue of refugees and integration, an issue that has greatly divided Europe and created highly infected debates. Färgfabrikens Shared History, in cooperation with partners in Latvia and Poland, was one of the 12 projects granted by Creative Europe of the Creative Europe funding. Exhibitions and public programs will be held in Stockholm, Riga and Gdansk in 2018.

The exhibition Shared History at Färgfabriken

Installationview from the exhibition at Färgfabriken, showing the artwork Winzip senses by Vanja Sandell Billström and Reza Hazare. Click on the image or here to go to the exhibition article.

Documentation, texts and films

Visit the archive at to take part of the project participants thoughts on history, identity, cultural policy and Europe, and to find more information about the project per se.


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The project was carried out as a collaboration between Färgfabriken in Stockholm, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art in Riga and The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk.