Mission in Motion – Peace Made Possible

Färgfabriken curates an exhibition at the UN headquarters in New York in collaboration with the Challenges Forum. The exhibition Mission in Motion: Peace Made Possible focuses on peace operations and the challenges that the UN, other international actors and people in conflict areas must deal with.

Mission in Motion: Peace Made Possible tells the story of current UN peace operations without simplifying what is an inherently complex flow of actions. Developed and curated by Färgfabriken and the Challenges Forum in consultation with the UN Departments for Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support, the exhibition is displayed on the outer wall of the General Assembly, in the Visitors’ Lobby of the UN headquarters in New York City from 10 May to 16 June 2016.

The work with the project has been going on for a year. For Färgfabriken, this has been an exciting challenge to try to understand the complexity of UN resolutions and policy decisions, in New York, Yerevan (during Challenges Annual Forum 2015) and Monrovia; among UN representatives, military and diplomats in the quest to better understanding and communicating the stories behind peace operations. These are challenges where there are so many successful efforts but also shortcomings. In Monrovia, Liberia, we met a comprehensive UN presence whose mission is to secure peace and a Liberian society that actively seeks stability and development after years of civil war and the recent ebola outbreak. Behind the extensive presence of the UN in the country, we also met people and their personal stories, people who proudly talk about participating in the UNMIL peacekeeping force as well as activists, journalists, music producers, theater producers and artists who are working for stability and development in Liberia.

Mission in Motion is part of Färgfabriken’s work where we investigate and exhibit the complexity of our surroundings.


Daniel Urey