Self Build City – Inclusive Neighbourhoods for Swedish Municipalities

Färgfabriken is working in the municipality of Knivsta, north of Stockholm, to develop a program to create an inclusive and resilient district in Alsike. The project will leverage the potential of architecture and culture to contribute to a more inclusive, vibrant and attractive public space.

– Both architecture and local culture are key to social sustainability, democracy and identity, says Jan Rydén, Färgfabriken.

Since early fall 2016 Färgfabriken and the municipal housing company, Knivstabostäder, are also exploring the possibilities of self build housing as a tool to create more inclusive neighbourhoods. Inspiration comes from international examples as well as from the Swedish tradition of self-built affordable single-family housing, ‘egnahem’, which are being adapted to a contemporary urban context. The project is a co-operation with Knivstabostäder, Alsikebolaget and KTH Architecture.

Färgfabriken is also in dialogue with several other Swedish municipalities and international partners about the project.