Zorn moving - A new interpretation in animation, words and music

8 February 2014 9 March 2014

Video installation
Project rooms, Färgfabriken

Production: Håkan Wennström
Animation, regiassistent: Hans Thorén
Text: Åsa Sandzén
Sound and music: Felicia Nielsen
Technology, production Alphaville: Karl Sandzén
Voice: Anna Lyons

Anders Zorn’s paintings and person come to life in the encounter with animation, text and music.

Färgfabriken shows the project Zorn Moving, where Anders Zorn’s world-famous visual expression gets a new interpretation in the meeting of animation, music and words. Both Zorn’s paintings and person come to life, through movement, text and music we get to know a Zorn seen in the light of day. Is this a possible image of Zorn?

Hans Thorén interprets, with charcoal drawing animation, the events and movements that we can see in some of Zorn’s paintings. The painting Bathing hills in the sauna from 1906 is central to Thorén’s animated interpretation. Felicia Nielsen comments and rhythms the cinematic events with her piano-based music. Åsa Sandzén’s script is a direct response to the statements about Zorn’s choice of motifs and way of life dramatized by Anna Lyons’ voice.

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