Vaktar du på mig? (Are you watching me?) – dance performance by Mats Flink

18 August 2011

Main hall, Färgfabriken

Participants: Jenny Nilson, Roland Eriksson, Pelle Halvarsson

Imagine a man walking through a forest of grey columns, carrying a woman over his shoulders. A walk through a forest resting in its own silence. Is it the hunter and the deer?

Mats Flink was invited to create a site-specific performance for Färgfabriken, as a relief against Daniel Knorr’s sculptural artwork. A unique encounter! Our stillness strikes itself into Knorrs white truth. What will happen when these two artworks collide? Do we become more true or will the image be distorted? We will see!!

Vaktar du på mig? portrays a game that oscillates between humour and lonliness. The performance at Färgfabriken is both the beginning and the end, it was a one-time-performance lasting only half an hour – a brief encounter between two separate artforms.

In the performance we saw the actress and premiére dancer Jenny Nilson. She is educated at the Stockholm Balett Academy, Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and RADA London. Currently Jenny Nilson works for the Royal Swedish Ballet.

Participating Director/Idea: Mats Flink

Dancer: Jenny Nilson

Actor: Roland Eriksson

Music: Peter Halvarsson

Photo: Tomas Boman