Urban Weaving – Stockholm could be built by the many for the many

25 September 2015

Asante architects, Carolina Wikström and Frida Öster, is an emerging architecture office that has been commissioned by Färgfabriken to what could be described as a drawing made out of wood and weaving. This pavilion is the idea of another kind of city, with other kinds of houses.

In the north of Tanzania Asante is working on a children’s center. They have found great inspiration in the African tradition of craft and patterns. This tradition is especially strong with the Maasai people. The woven structures and patterns done in first round of frames was created by Maasai women.

The audience will be able to continue working on the pavilion’s façade in workshops during the exhibition. In this way a cultural exchange and a weaving of the Tanzanian and the Swedish will eventually occur.

Instead of a city built by the few for the few, Stockholm could be built by the many for the many. A Stockholm built from the bottom up, by many different people’s ideas and abilities. Asante imagines affordable urban houses built in organic materials. A city that is tactile and interesting on the human scale, with detailing at eye-level, within sight, within reach of our hands.

Stockholm needs urban planning that opens up the buildning of houses to completely new actors: so as to create a fine-grained mix both socially and architecturally. An urban weaving of urban diversity.


25 September 13-17  Urban Weaving

13.00-13.30: introduction by Asante arkitekter

13.45-17.00: workshop