Tove Kjellmark  – In Open Studio

15 October 2022 12 March 2023

Open Studio, Project Room 1

In conjunction with the exhibition The Horse, the Robot and the Immeasurable, artist Tove Kjellmark has moved parts of her atelier to Färgfabriken. During the exhibition period, she creates in an uninterrupted movement with her drawing robots. There are also tracks of an ongoing artistic process: drawings, models as well as documentation from the artistic research that has resulted in the exhibition in the main hall. 

About the artist 

Tove Kjellmark (n. 1977) is born and based in Stockholm and educated at École des Beaux Arts in Paris and the Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Stockholm, where she graduated with a Master’s degree in 2009. As an educated sculptor, she has developed a versatile and experimental practice where she moves freely from different mediums and materials, and where she has come to challenge the view on sculpture. The work is both physical and conceptual. It places itself in the glitch between the digital and the organic, the past and the future. Often she combines the body with advanced technology. Thus Kjellmark has established herself in the art scene through an original artistic expression, often referred as ”techno animalism”, a new topology where the machine is part of nature.  

Open Studio was initiated in 2017 through the collaboration with the arts- and design group Very Very Gold, when Färgfabriken decided to explore different ways of exhibiting creative thought and act before it has taken its final form and connect creators and audiences closer. 

Färgfabriken invites different creators to Open Studio, to take over a project room over a period of time. 


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