Tobias Bernstrup – Re-animate me

28 September 2002

Live performance and release party for Tobias Bernstrups unlimited-edition CD.

Färgfabriken is proud to present Re-animate me, a CD by Tobias Bernstrup featuring songs composed and performed by the artist. This is Bernstrup’s first unlimited-edition CD and is published by Färgfabriken.

Re-animate me will be officially released on September 28 with a big party at Färgfabriken, where Tobias Bernstrup gives his first public performance in Sweden since his move to Berlin in 2000. The Färgfabriken show will be followed by a series of promotional performances, beginning with the Palais de Tokyo in Paris on October 3. There are also plans for later performances in New York, Chicago and elsewhere.

For Tobias Bernstrup to make an unlimited-edition CD is a logical next step in his artistic career, in which music has always played a central role. Almost all of his works, be they animation videos, interactive computer games or performances, feature his own music, produced by the artist. In performances he plays his own music live. Since 1997, Bernstrup has done performances in many parts of the world, including Stockholm, New York, Mexico City, Chicago, Milan, Basel, Berlin and Venice. At Färgfabriken he did a performance for the “Teleport Diner” project in 2000

The new material on Re-animate me is closely connected with the world of computer games which Bernstrup also inhabits. This is heavily hinted at in the song titles: Jpeg-boy; Polygon Lover; Videodrome; and Re-Animator. As earlier, the music is especially influenced by 1980s Italo-synth pop, but with a somewhat heavier sound than before, including both heavy-metal guitar and New Romantic.

Tobias Bernstrup has lived and worked in Berlin since 2000. Before that he lived in Stockholm, where he attended Konsthögskolan between 1993 and 1998. During the autumn of 2002 and spring of 2003, he is the holder of a studio grant at ISCP in New York. “Re-animate me” is Bernstrup’s first full music CD.