The Choices That Shape the City

15 November 2011

A conversation about value and priorities in our cities.

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.

Location: Färgfabriken

Participants: Michael Ziehl, ZwischenZeitZentrale, Jonas Frejd, YIMBY, Catharina Thörn, Gothenburg University
Moderator: Maria Lantz, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Shopping centres, public transport, offices, access to culture – what values characterize the city and make us want to live in a particular district? How can the value of such functions be measured? Some are easy to measure in money, others almost impossible. What increases the price of land and housing in an area, are these the same factors that make us happy?

ZwischenZeitZentrale (ZZZ) are active in the city of Bremen, which is poor by German standards. By finding new, temporary functions for abandoned buildings in the city, they breathe life into neighborhoods that are falling asleep. An old government building becomes a cultural center and a large, abandoned business premises becomes an office hotel and studios. They engage the residents of the area and find people whose ideas they help to realize. The premises and neighborhoods are given new life, higher value, and jobs are created.

Together with Färgfabriken, the Goethe-Institut invites you to a conversation about values and priorities in the city. Meet activists from ZZZ, Jonas Frejd from YIMBY Stockholm and Catharina Thörn, researcher at the University of Gothenburg. The conversation is moderated by Maria Lantz, responsible for the program Art & Architecture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm, where urban development is the focus. This seminar is one of two organized by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with Färgfabriken. Part two is called Who Should Make Desicions About the City? – Influence and democracy; must everyone have heir say, does everyone want to express their opinion?