Striking, Silent Marble – Yuri Ancarani talks about his film Il Capo at Italienska Kulturinstitutet

15 May

Yuri Ancarani: Striking, Silent Marble
Time: 15 May, 18.00–19.00
Place: Italienska Kulturinstitutet, Gärdesgatan 14
Language: English

Filmprogram and artist talk with Italian award winning video artist and filmmaker Yuri Ancarani.

Conversation host: Daniel Urey, Färgfabriken

The program is a part of Stockholm Art Week.

“A choreographed, spooky portrait of a marble quarry, this film features the best use of a monolith and upward pan since Kubrik’s 2001. Man, machines, nature come together in an elemental masterpiece”. True/False Film Festival, Columbia

Yuri Ancarani’s works come from a continuous mingling of documentary cinema and contemporary art. His film Il Capo (2010)  was created spending nearly a year filming on the Monte Bettolgi in the Carrara region of the Apuan Alps, Italy. The result is a wordless film and a surprisingly poetic documentary shot in an Italian marble quarry, portraying the work of the quarrymen from the Aines, a site with thousands years of history and unique heritage. 

During Stockholm Art Week the audience is offered an unique opportunity to watch the film Il Capo, followed by a conversation with the artist lead by Daniel Urey, process leader at Färgfabriken, focusing on the extraction of marble as an contradictory element – it is both a prerequisite for making beautiful art as well as part of the destruction of nature. 

The program is produced in collaboration with Italienska Kulturinstitutet in Stockholm.