Stockholm visions

5 October 2022, 19 October 2022

Scientists usually claim that the solution to climate challenges lies in the development of our cities. What is planned today affects many generations to come, and in a globalized world with climate change, urban development becomes a delicate balancing act between built surface and greenery, between old and new, between people and other living beings. So there is a lot to discuss.

Program 5 October

17.00–19.00 The nature trail city Green roofs and green facades. Streets with multi-layered vegetation, fruit-bearing trees and nectar-rich plants. More parks and preserved everyday nature on the way to the subway. When Björn Ekelund and Elisabetta Troglio paint the picture of the city that resists climate change and responds to the global Agenda 2030 goals, a different, greener, inner city emerges. A “nature course” city. Björn Ekelund, urban architect at Warm in the Winter, and social planner Elisabetta Troglio from Ekologigruppen present the research report Integrated Green Typologies and discuss Stockholm’s (and other cities’) future with Peter Lundevall, who has been an urban planner in Stockholm for 40 years and wrote the book Att byggen en stad about Stockholm’s 800-year history.

Program 19 October

5:00pm – 7:00pm The future is something we create now Urban planning plays an extremely important role in dealing with climate change. But what does the “natural course” of the city’s regulations and decision-making processes look like? In this conversation, we look up and see the city as the part of a larger system that it is. Johan Kuylenstierna, former chairman of the Climate Policy Council and now director general of the research council Formas, discusses urban development for a future within the planetary boundaries with Torun Hammar, architect and chairman of Sweden’s Architects’ Cultural Environment Council.


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Stockholm visions at Färgfabriken invite you to discuss the cities of the future. The talks are produced in collaboration with journalist Annica Kvint, whose article series Stockholmsvisioner raises questions about how Stockholm should grow under prevailing climate threats. The autumn program takes its starting point in Lövholmen, one of Stockholm’s many development areas, but is just as much about the cities of the future in general.


Daniel Urey