Skies Calling Skies Falling Margaret Jenkins Dance Company

13 September 2018, 14 September 2018

Dance performance
Main hall, Färgfabriken
Margaret Jenkins Dance Company
Artists Hi-Jin Kang Hodge and David Hodge

Dance performance by Margaret Jenkins Dance Company with video prologue by video artist Hi-Jin Hodge and David Hodge.

Stockholm premiere of the dance performance Skies Calling Skies Falling at Färgfabriken. Performed on the 13th and 14th of September in the main hall by Margaret Jenkins Dance Company in San Francisco together with an outstanding video project by the Swedish video artist Hi-Jin Hodge and David Hodge

“The vortex of superstorms and torchlight parades and poisoned speech. The unimaginable and the all-too-real, and the moments of illumination amidst it all. Skies Calling Skies Falling is our response to this vertiginous new reality – how to create a sense of hope while continuing to resist. How to reassert the profoundly human.” – Margaret Jenkins

Skies Calling Skies Falling uses shock – the physical, emotional and intellectual embodiment of this state – as its central metaphor. A proponent of a fully realized collaborative art, Skies Calling Skies Falling is a combination of a rich, nuanced and diverse physically charged dance vocabulary, narrative shards, an original musical score of both found and composed elements, vibrant costumes and drone video of the Company, creating an explosive, questioning, kinetic and hopeful landscape.