Sketch workshop for Proffessionals Look at the old industrial area Lövholmen that surrounds the Färgfabriken through an artistic perspective and imagine the future for this part of Stockholm. Draw what you see, what you want to change or how you think the area will look in the future.

1 November 2019

in collaboration with Winsor & Newton, Färgfabriken offers an exclusive urban sketch workshop led by artist Nina Johansson! The workshop is free of charge and is aimed at experienced draftsmen who draw/sketch in their everyday life or in their profession, such as architects, religious donors, art students or artists. Purpose of the workshop Drawing and documenting your surroundings is a great way to get to know a place or rediscover it. The Lövholmen area that surrounds the Färgfabriken is in many ways a unique environment in the modern urban space, but also an environment that will soon disappear. On Lövholmen, a completely new district is planned to be built, which will forever change its character.

Arrangements for the afternoon

We start in Färgfabriken's attic at 12.30 with a short introduction to Lövholmen and Färgfabriken. Then workshop leader Nina Johansson goes through the material and the exercise that follows. Afterwards, if the weather permits, we will take a short walk together in Lövholmen for inspiration and a greater visual understanding of the area. After the walk, we gather again in the attic where you as a participant choose a vantage point in the attic from which you want to work. The group for the workshop is deliberately small, maximum 15 participants, so that you can receive personal guidance in finding new ways of thinking or working. Each window seat has its own unique perspective and together you create a panoramic documentation of the view from the Färgfabriken. Winsor & Newton products that will be used: Fineliners, Sketchpads with unique 16:9 aspect ratio, Studio Collection Pencils, Promarkers.

About Nina Johansson

Workshop leader Nina Johansson is an illustrator, artist and urban sketcher. Nina Johansson also teaches illustration, information design and graphic form at Mälardalen University in Eskilstuna.



In 1832, chemist William Winsor and artist Henry Newton brought together the knowledge of scientists and the creativity of artists to offer artists unparalleled choices of color and durability.The products are developed and manufactured by a group of "colourists" with a background in chemistry, who create inspiring colors and quality materials. Their experience enables Winsor & Newton to supply materials and tools to some of the world's leading artists.