Restless – Restless – a new space for design. Sonics debut exhibition.

30 January 2004 5 March 2004

Project rooms, Färgfabriken

Participants: Sonics (Christopher Robin och Mathias Wagmo)

Sonics (Christopher Robin and Matthias Wagmo) is a young designer duo making their exhibition debut with Restless. They will present “new spaces for design”, using objects and settings inspired by Pacman, skateboarding, surfing and Batman, in two of Färgfabriken’s Project Rooms.

Restless is about design for a generation that grew up with computer games, kung-fu films and text messaging. Sonics seem to be saying that while the design debate rages about the relative merits of one design ideology or another, it completely misses the fact that the younger generation’s new habits and behavioural patterns have been overlooked by the design industry. And we are talking here about a target group that has become both large and influential. What, for instance, does a chair adapted to Playstation look like?

With Invisible Wealth, an exhibition in the summer of 2003, Färgfabriken sought to deepen the discussion about design and the concept of design. This deepened discussion will continue in 2004, starting with Sonics exhibition Restless. 

Restless will be opening in parallel with 00 by Inredningar utföres and Design Film Pool Cinemix, and will inaugurate I/u/We 2004, a project by Färgfabriken in partnership with Länsstyrelsen, the Stockholm County Administration.