Reality Bites – what kind of reality awaits the young artists of Sweden today?

20 November 1996 2 February 1997

Group exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

Participating artists: Kent Andersson, Melinda Bergman, Tina Ericson, Per Gustafsson, Carina Gunnars, Christina Erman-Widerberg, Maria Hallberg, Per Anders Hillgren, Britta Kjellgren, Anneli Kuisma, Olof Lundström, Katarina Löfström, Joachim Stein, Jonas Kjellgren

What does it actually look like, the art of fifteen artist who recently graduated? Three artists have been chosen by their former professors or teachers from Sweden’s five art collages. Three artists have been selected by their former professors or teachers from the respective Art School (Kungliga Art School, Malmö School of Art, Umeå School of Art, Valand School of Art, Gothenburg and Konstfack).

How is the young, new art? Which concepts and media do the new generation of artists use to confront reality? And what “reality” is it that they face in today’s mediated world? With the fifteen artists, there is no unifying direction that defines the young art. Snuff pipes, charred crosses, mixed with oil painting, video art and furniture-like sculptures, come together in an exhibition where the only thing that is tangible is that it is about different ways of dealing with the reality that meets the artist after completing his education.

Reality Bites is an exhibition, but it is also the starting point for a broader discussion about the conditions of art and culture in today’s Sweden. What does reality look like, what are the conditions for art and expression in general – if you look at education, at media and criticism, at market and economy, at politicians and institutions? We are living in a time of great change on all these fronts – and where Reality Bites are an excellent entry into an important discussion. The exhibition tours during 1997 to Gothenburg’s Art Gallery, the Picture Museum in Umeå and the Art Museum in Malmö.