Plan for greenery – A tree walk around Lövholmen

27 September 2023

The planning for Lövholmen’s transformation from an industrial area to a residential area has been going on for a long time. It exists now a detailed plan on which you, as a citizen, can submit your comments.

Welcome to a tree walk led by Anna-Maria Hellner, project manager in urban planning who has studied Lövholmen’s development from a green perspective. We will walk and talk about how trees and greenery can take place in a future Lövholmen.

How will the existing greenery and trees be preserved in the new plan? What amount of greenery can a new urban development be expected to include?

The walk takes place the day after a meeting 18.30–20.30 at Lustikulla conference and event. There, the city planning office presents the proposal and the public can ask questions and submit comments. The consultation period runs until October 16. Färgfabriken will submit a response.