Miriam Bäckström Kira Carpelan

10 February 2007 11 March 2007

Who is the artist? A complex collaboration between Miriam Bäckström and Kira Carpelan. At the exhibition a film by Kira Carpelan was screened, the result of a long and complex process, with the following background:

Two years ago Miriam Bäckström was invited to organize a project and hold an exhibition at Färgfabriken. She came up with a proposition and invited her younger college Kira Carpelan, who is graduating from Konstfack in Stockholm this spring, to make the exhibition for Miriam. In return Carpelan got all access to Miriam Bäckström, her art and knowledge, resources and network. Miriam announced that she would document the process in a film and Kira accepted the offer.

Even before the film premiered, the project had already received international recognition. In the April issue of the magazine, ArtForum, writer Jennifer Allen published over four pages with her thoughts and both the artists’ comments around the project. Also Ronald Jones is writing a piece about it in the upcoming issue of Frieze. Miriam’s film, which balances between fiction and documentary, is shown in its whole at Färgfabriken, and talks about the process and the many turns of the project.