Mare Liberum – A platform for art on the Stockholm´s water

13 August 2013

Establishing laws on the water seems to be a difficult task.the versatility of the activities that take place there. The waters around Stockholm are not so tightly controlled, but are instead occupied by ferry traffic, tourism and other commercial activities, which limits its accessibility. Mare Liberum consists of mobile pontoons, partly constructed from recycled materials from Stockholm on the Move, which can be used, connected or adapted to any situation in the water and along the shoreline. It is a platform for alternative activities with the intention of challenging established ways of using water.


On August 13, the pontoons will lie in the water at Skeppsholmen for a temporary event with performances, talks and other activities. By: Lisa Gideonsson, Gustaf Londré (GIDEONSSON/LONDRÉ), Marja Knape, Jens Evaldsson, Santiago Mostyn, Andrew Hamish McDavitt, Heather Jones in collaboration with Färgfabriken.