Lyssna Seminar  – How Art depicts Nature

28 November 2021


Top Floor, Färgfabriken 


What does nature mean to you and how does nature get depicted in art? The project Lyssna (”Listen”) offers an artistic encounter with August prize winner Emma AdBåge about the book Naturen, Anja Örn from the artist collective Norrakollektivet about mine expansions and the interdisciplinary artist group Marvels & Catastrophes that map out how nature peeks through demolitions and dust clouds in the big city.  


11-13: Bloom out Blow up 

Workshops and talks with Marvels & Catastrophes 

Artist collective Marvels & Catastrophes returns to Färgfabriken for a day of spatial studies, research, and workshops. This is a thematic event in which the group invites you to join them and discover a vertical timeline for the ecology of city planning: from historical gardens, flora and landscape, ”sub-nature”, and vague terrain, to demolition and dust clouds.

The workshops and the collaborative research are constantly active – you are welcome to come as you are and stay as long as you want. 

Marvels and Catastrophes offer several activities such as an alternative reading of the flora where you can find out which revolutionary and feminist flower you are; a print proves based workshop about demolition; participatory research about the historical timeline of Lövholmen, its character and building development as well as an interactive visual experience about Swedish landscape, gravitation, and dust clouds. 

Participating collective members are: Sofia Larsson, Ana Barata Martins, Verda Persson and Bo Pilo. 

Also: Short films for Lyssna by Andres Villareal and Peter Lang 

14-15: Artist presentations and talks, moderated by Daniel Urey, Färgfabriken: 

  • Norrakollektivet, En plats försvinnande 
  • Emma AdBåge, about her latest book Naturen 
  • Panel discussion with the Norrakollektivet and Emma AdBåge 


Image: Norrakollektivet

About the participants 

Marvels & Catastrophes is an interdisciplinary artist group, created in 2018 as an act of resistance, hoping to create a set of alternative creative strategies to handle the growing catastrophical effects of climate change. Marvels & Catastrophes was not only formed for scientific research but also to explore history and how generational stories have worked to bind together people and their cultures. 

Norrakollektivet is an ongoing collaboration between the artists Tomas Örn, Anja Örn, and Fanny Carinasdotter. In the talk, Anja Örn takes the photo book En plats försvinnande as a starting point, a book wanting to be a documentation of the disappearance. An attempt to understand and capture the movement that the disappearance means for people, nature, the trees, the paths, and the animals. For the lake that soon will be emptied of its water and for the paddocks that are gone. The book is part of a project around the Aitik mine, outside of Gällivare. The mine and its surrounding landscape have become a projection surface for us to study, understand, and highlight the mineral extraction and its consequences for humans and nature. 

Emma AdBåge will be speaking with her latest book Naturen as a starting point. Who is really in charge – the human or the nature? Through the glasses of childhood, Emma AdBåge describes the relationship between us humans and Nature. How do we want it? Emma AdBåge is one of the most acclaimed illustrators in the young generation of drawing artists. She debuted in 2001 and has since illustrated many books, her own and other writers’ texts. 2018 she received the August Prize for Gropen that she both wrote and illustrated.  

Emma AdBåge, Foto: Richard Gustafsson
Illustration ur boken ‘Naturen’ av Emma AdBåge

Lyssna is a collaboration between Färgfabriken, Virserums Konsthall and Skellefteå Konsthall made possible by support from the Swedish Postcode Foundation.

In the project, young people, researchers and artists have worked together by exploring questions about climate in the borderland between knowledge and emotions. It has resulted in the exhibition “Listen” which was shown at Färgfabriken in the fall of 2020, at Skellefteå Konsthall in the spring of 2020 and currently at Virserums konsthall.

This public program is based on the idea work carried out by the young participants who collaborated with Färgfabriken in the spring of 2020

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