Lukas Moodysson – The Containermuseum

10 March 2006 26 March 2006

An installation in relation to Lukas Moodyssons film Container.

On the same day as the film CONTAINER opens in the movie theaters the Container-museum is opened at Färgfabriken. Here you have the opportunity to step in to the film.

All the props are collected in the room, where the film is shown in an ongoing loop. The exhibition brings the movie, and the apartment in Trollhättan where a part of it is recorded, to life. At the same time it might be seen as Moodysson’s working studio that has moved in to a museum. The installation becomes like a collapsed museum, a collapsed apartment.

Lukas Moodysson’s new film “Container” is poetical, experimental and different. A film that is several films in one, “a black and white silent movie with sound” as the director Lukas Moodysson describes it. The film can be seen as a photographic collage or a 74 minutes long poem. In the leading roles: Mariha Åberg and Peter Lorentzon.

Rubbish, clothes and all kinds of things fill the room, together with dolls, Nazi helmets, Paris Hilton’s autograph, stamps from East Germany, Jesus, Savannah the porn star’s boots and fan mail, newspaper clippings and skulls. You may watch the film and installation for two minutes, or sit down for four hours.