Leif Elggren – Flown Over By An Old King. An exposé through the work of Leif Elggren.

14 October 2000 26 November 2000

Separate exhibition
Main hall and project rooms, Färgfabriken

Curator CM von Hausswolff

Flown over by an old king by and with Leif Elggren is one of Färgfabrikens biggest one-man shows ever. The entire Färgfabriken, the Main hall and three project rooms, is transformed into an exposé of Elggren’s art. Works from the early 70-s up till now form an overall installation, that makes a harmonious whole of what at first sight looks like a retrospective. Leif Elggren is one of the most important contemporary Swedish artists, despite the fact that he is not so well known in a greater context. In the beginning he was a pure pictorial artist with a huge production of graphics and art–books. Later on it developed through performances and installations with action-features and in the middle of the 80-s first single and LP-disk with Elggren’s own music appeared. His art is also marked by a number of collaborations, with Thomas Liljenberg (under the name Firework), Kent Tankered (Gods’ sons) and CM von Hausswolff (Elgaland-Vargaland) among others. In this exhibition one has for the first time an opportunity to see the artists’ whole body of work. The exhibition is curated by the artist CM von Hausswolff, who might have the greatest insight into Elggrens’ universe after many years of collaboration.

A book of 256 pages with texts by Håkan Nilsson, Milou Allerholm, Bruno K Öijer, CM von Hausswolff and Jan Åman, was produced especially for the exhibition by Färgfabriken together with Tryckhus 2 and Munkendals. In addition, a CD UGN/MAT was produced by Ash International.