Interactive Institute/Smart Studio Touching the Invisible

18 March 2006 23 April 2006

Exhibition coordinator: Magnus Jonsson
Exhibition design: Smart Studio
Design assistant: Anna Holmquist

Färgfabriken and Smart Studio like each other. And have collaborated on previous occasions. March 18th is the opening date of an exhibition showing the results from projects pursued at Smart Studio, the Interactive Institute. Finally a truly innovative fusion between design, art and technology.

Touching the Invisible is an exhibition that revolves around the encounter between physical objects and the flow of invisible information. In six works, different aspects of how information can be channeled through electronic and digital technology are investigated. The works are made of physical materials, but are brought to life by the information flowing through them; information that is being gathered in diverse ways, from direct measurements of the visitor’s body to analysises of images found on the Internet.

Smart Studio is an interdisciplinary research group within the Interactive Institute. Smart Studio creates new fusions between art, science and technology.

Exhibited projects:


Project manager: Magnus Jonsson; Software design and development: Olof Bendt, Thomas Broomé; Project team: Lennart Andersson, Olof Bendt, Thomas Broomé, Aurelian Bria, Esbjörn Eriksson, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Magnus Jonsson, Arijana Kajfes, Fredrik Petersson, Tobi Schneidler, Ingvar Sjöberg, Lotten Wiklund; Design by Ergonomi Design;Manufactured by Horreds.


Project manager: Thomas Broomé and Ingvar Sjöberg; Design: Thomas Broomé, Albin Karlsson, Bruno Tardat and Ingvar Sjöberg; Construction: Glittermek: Albin Karlsson and Bruno Tardat; Software design and Interface: Thomas Broomé and Lukasz Andersson.

Delay Mirror

Project manager: Tobi Schneidler and Magnus Jonsson; Design: Tobi Schneidler; Software design: Robert Brecevic and Magnus Jonsson.


Project manager: Thomas Broomé; Software design: Thomas Broomé, Fredrik Petersson and Olof Bendt.

Monochrome Eye (part of the project Occular Witness)

Project manager: Arijana Kajfes; Software design and development: Alberto Frigo, Peter Lundén, Fredrik Petersson.

Remote Home

Project manager: Tobi Schneidler; Project team: Loove Broms, Magnus Jonsson, Milo Lavén Fredrik Petersson, Adam Somlai Fischer, Anders Englund, Stefan Lindblad, Peter Hogberg.

Exhibition concept: Smart Studio; Exhibition co-ordinator: Magnus Jonsson; Exhibition design: Smart Studio; Design assistant: Anna Holmquist.

Thanks to: Samsung

The exhibition is produced by the Interactive Institute with support from the Swedish Institute.