Industrial Intervention – an exhibition with contemporary industrial design

19 May 2011 31 July 2011

Participants: Anna Holmquist and Chandra Ahlsell (Folkform), Maxim Velčovský

The designers Folkform will in the coming exhibition, Industrial Intervention, explore the meeting between the Swedish and Czech glass and porcelain tradition, together with the Czech artist Maxim Velčovský.

Maxim Velčovský have explored the Czech craft traditions in his contemporary art works, with the intention to preserve the old crafts. The cooperation with Folkform can be viewed as an extension of this, they investigate both the past and the future possibilities within the field. The result of the collaboration will be presented at Färgfabriken during the summer 2011.

About the artists

Swedish designers Anna Holmquist and Chandra Ahlsell began their partnership in 2005. Together they work as Folkform , the Stockholm-based studio is represented in the Swedish National Art collection and at DogA, Design and Architecture Museum in Olso.

Maxim Velčovský is an artist and designer born in 1976 from Czech Republic. He is based in Praha and considered to be the leading contemporary designer in Czech Republic. His works are represented at Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Museum of Applied arts in Praha and The Art of Industrial Creamics, Moma in New York.

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