Gylleboverket Älskade älskade älskade

19 September 2020 14 February 2021

Solo exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

In the autumn of 2020, Färgfabriken’s investigations of symbiotic thinking begins with an exhibition and a room installation by the artist group Gylleboverket. The exhibition at Färgfabriken is made by the group which here consists of the artists Etta Säfve, Jona Elfdahl and Shelley Sharr.

Gylleboverket is an artist group and a platform for contemporary art and culture based in an old industrial building in the countryside in Skåne. In their art installations, they work site-specific and cross-border with video, sound, performance, myths, rites, social sculpture and  installations. They use the potential of the poetic in order to explore contemporary issues.

Gylleboverket’s work process is exploratory, often longer processes where thematic issues are intertwined. Through collaborations, public meetings and artistic methods they analyse the world around us, investigating themes such as human isolation, normality, our relationship to nature, the world around us and each other.  This is a way of working that is closely related to Färgfabriken’s methods.


Video documentation by Malin Korkesalo

The exhibition with Gylleboverket is part of the ongoing investigating project Symbiosis.

With Support from

The Swedish Transport Administration, the City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council.