Gunilla Leander – All Under. A sound- and videoinstallation in the main hall of Färgfabriken.

16 April 2005 15 May 2005

Separate exhibition
Main hall, Färgfabriken

Out of the void a naked cast clash in violent confrontation… Bodies collide, miss, twist and embrace. Tense, gripping, fluid and spinning, All Under evinces a scenario both dynamic yet melancholy… all asunder… All Under.

All Under by Gunilla Leander is the second major exhibition of the spring at Färgfabriken and a video and sound installation of a dignity that is rarely or never produced in Sweden. Three large projections interact in the main hall where the viewer is confronted by underwater scenes where naked bodies meet, collide, wrestle, unite and separate.

The inertia of the water gives the movements of the bodies in the water a strange poetic beauty. But Gunilla Leander’s starting point is an attempt to study the human body according to the same model that particle physics examines the physical laws. The bodies in the water are attracted to each other, collide, repel like particles in particle physics.

The sound artist Edvard Graham Lewis has created a sound installation for the films with a “sound around” system, a sound that not only affects the ear but the whole body and that changes with the viewer’s movements.

Video installation: Gunilla Leander.

Sound installation: Edvard Graham Lewis.

Photo: Ulf Aneer; Cast: Therese Bramsén, Kajsa Engblom, Thomas Engblom, Christian Hedlund, David Hertz, Åsa Mattsson.

Technician: Sebastian Sjögren, Tore Nilsson, Richard Sporrong, Petter Feltenstedt.