Extreme North/Extreme Solutions – Design, climate and globalization during the 21:st century

2 November 2005 25 November 2005

In the 21:st century, there is more to design than creating beautiful objects. If the 20:th century established social welfare, Scandinavia now faces an even bigger challenge. We are witnessing a global transition that will completely redraw the world map.

In the 21st century, design has become something much more than designing beautiful things. If the 20th century created social welfare, we now face a greater challenge in Scandinavia. We are now witnessing a global shift that will fundamentally redraw the world map in the coming decades. Asia and soon also Africa are developing at an explosive rate. It creates an urban explosion that is unprecedented. But at the same time, deep political, social, economic and ecological problems are established.

The design question – considered in a larger perspective – will here become a decisive tool for reading the big questions. What can we contribute to a development that creates ever stronger segregation, in the urban fabric, but also between city and countryside? What can we contribute in a world where fossil fuels will not be enough for a sole source of energy? How can our experiences from the 20th century be transformed into constructive material in the 21st century.

In collaborations with

Norwegian embassy in Stockholm, Norwegian Form, Norwegian Design council, Nordea, Statoil and Sydkraft